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“The goal of the Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CCIAQ) is to improve indoor air quality in buildings and, ultimately, the health of occupants, by providing a national forum and clearinghouse for ‘best-of-knowledge’ information on the design and operations of buildings as they affect indoor air quality.”

CCIAQ’s Committee members can be found under the tab “Members“.

Our latest guide is available now: Module 16 – Legionella Control in Building Water Systems

This module aims to provide “best-of-knowledge” information to help building owners and managers control risks associated with Legionella in building water systems. The objectives are:

● To raise awareness on the risk that airborne Legionella-containing aerosols can pose to building occupants.
● To guide the development of a Legionella water management plan.
● To provide recommendations for the operation and maintenance of building water systems with regard to the control of Legionella.
● To support the interpretation of results from routine Legionella monitoring.
● To guide the preparation of a response to a Legionnaire’s disease outbreak and outline the steps that can be taken in the event of an outbreak.

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Who is the CCIAQ?

Who is the CCIAQ?

The Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CCIAQ) is committed to promoting research, education, and awareness of indoor air quality issues in Canada. CCIAQ recognizes the importance of these efforts in improving the health and well-being of Canadians, as well as...

Healthy Renovations

Healthy Renovations

Download Module 12 – Healthy Renovations, a part of our comprehensive CCIAQ Guide for Indoor Air Quality. It’s FREE, and it’s packed with valuable insights. Make your space safer!

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