Addressing COVID-19 in Buildings

Module 15 – Addressing COVID-19 in Buildings

IAQ and Covid19Addressing COVID-19 in Buildings is a response to the important need to support understanding and endeavours to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 While the purpose of this guide is to assist building owners, managers and operators with measures in preparation for building re-occupancy and to minimize disease transmission as Canadians return to workplaces and educational facilities, the information will be of broader interest.  As knowledge about evidence-based intervention and mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of virus transmission are evolving rapidly, the CCIAQ plans updates to this document.

This document is part of a series of modules forming the CCIAQ Guide for Indoor Air Quality.

The updated version of Module 15 is now available and you can download it by clicking here! 

The spreadsheet for COVID-19 indoors transmission risk estimation (Section 7, summarized in Section 3.7) may be downloaded here. 

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