Strategies for Moulds and Microbiologic Agents

Module 10 – Strategies for Moulds and Microbiologic Agents

The tenth module of the CCIAQ’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality provides building owners and managers with information on causes, effects and correction of indoor air quality (IAQ) issues from moulds and microbiologic agents that are common.

The module starts with a description of what mould is and how it grows. And the harm it can do to buildings and occupants. In addition, we’ve given strategies for avoiding mould growth. The strategies use sound design and construction practices and preventative building operation, maintenance and cleaning. Moreover, we have given particular attention to heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

It is important to quickly recognize moulds and microbiologic agents growth that does occur. Also we’ve given detailed steps for planning and carrying out inspections. This includes considerations for staff qualification, and for effectively working with the building’s occupants.

We have listed methods for the process of removing mould. They include advice on the choice of equipment, and mechanical and chemical cleaners. Additionally, we have given a systematic classification to help decide on what work is necessary. Based on how much mould there is, and the size of the affected areas. There is a discussion of worker safety, and consideration of what to do with affected materials and the mould itself after treatment and removal.
Finally, in tandem with the earlier prevention section, we have listed ways to avoid mould growth returning after removing it. The module’s advice is made practical by providing detailed checklists for each aspect of mould management.

You can download Module 10 for free here 

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