Scent-Free Buildings

Module 6 – Scent-Free Buildings

Building operators looking for information about the sources and effects of scents can consult the sixth module of the CCIAQ’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality. The module also describes ways to help operators work toward making scent-free buildings.

There is no standardized definition of ‘scent-free.’ Instead, the module gives examples of personal products that are scented, such as perfume and deodorant. Building operations may also introduce scents, intentionally or unintentionally. An example noted is cleaning products used by custodial staff.

We listed common symptoms experienced by people with sensitivity to scents. Starting with this context, we also considered Canadian legal and policy requirements and recommendations for scent control. We have given suggestions for policies and standards for scent-free buildings, along with a checklist for developing the policies. Also we included a list of sources for further information on scent-free policies.

An appendix provides two examples of organizational scent-free policies. One is from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the second is from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

You can download Module 6 for free here 

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