Indoor Air Quality IAQ and Energy Efficiency

Module 9 – Indoor Air Quality IAQ and Energy Efficiency

Module nine of the CCIAQ’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality offers recommendations for maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings that use methods and systems to reduce energy use. Starting with an overview of the inter-dependence of IAQ and energy efficiency. The module then lists relevant North American standards and codes. We considered the effects of the needs for cost efficiency and occupant comfort.iaq and energy efficiency

We have given strategies for improving a building’s energy efficiency and IAQ. Which you can achieve by following these steps:

  • understanding air supply and delivery concepts and systems;
  • optimizing heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and systems;
  • managing the building’s interior and exterior environments, such as through specific maintenance and renovation practices;
  • monitoring and evaluation of building performance, with quantified focus on energy use and air quality.

Recommendations are made to adapt existing building practices, such as IAQ profiles (described in detail in module eight) and audits, occupancy, budgeting and replacement of equipment. The module concludes with notes on communications with building occupants.

You can download Module 9 for free here 

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