The presence of Legionella bacteria within building water systems constitutes a significant hazard, necessitating informed management and control. In the pursuit of empowering professionals with this task, the Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CCIAQ) introduces Module 16: Legionella Control in Building Water Systems.

Module 16 delivers comprehensive insights, delving into the specifics of Legionella transmission, related diseases and global incidence rates. With an inclusive understanding of conditions ranging from Legionnaires’ disease to Pontiac fever, this guide represents a robust resource for mitigating public health risks.

Illustriously supplemented with electron microscope images of Legionella bacteria and graphs demonstrating legionellosis incidence rates, this module provides critical visual aids to facilitate comprehension of the subject.

Beyond serving as an introduction, Module 16 acts as an operational guide. It outlines the construction of robust Legionella water management plans, detailing routine monitoring procedures, facilitating proactive prevention and control of Legionella within indoor environments.

CCIAQ grants free access to Module 16: Legionella Control in Building Water Systems, enabling you to thoroughly engage with this critical information.

By exploring the depth of knowledge provided in Module 16, professionals are not merely managing a building; they are ensuring the health and safety of its occupants.