Hygienic Operation of Air-Handling Systems

Module 5 – Hygienic Operation of Air-Handling Systems

The fifth module of the CCIAQ’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality is intended to help building managers operate air-handling systems with acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ).

An initial ‘Background’ section provides a schematic diagram of a typical building’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. And describes maintenance standards for it.

The bulk of this module consists of sections describing the operation, inspection. And maintenance of the 11 general components of an HVAC system. These include outdoor air intakes, mixing plenums and mechanical rooms, filters, cooling and heating coils, condensate pans, humidifiers, fans, supply ducts, compartmental or terminal air-handling units, return air plenums and return air risers, and controls and building automation systems. Also each section includes a checklist. Additionally, these offer practical points and questions to consider during inspection and maintenance of the particular component.

The module concludes with a description of parameters used to test and monitor an HVAC system. Moreover, these include temperature, relative humidity, ventilation rate, concentrations and contaminants.

You can download Module 5 for free here 

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