The Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CCIAQ) is a group of experts dedicated to promoting healthy indoor air environments in Canada. Their work is crucial to ensuring that Canadians are protected from the harmful effects of indoor air pollutants.

The benefits of CCIAQ’s work are many. Firstly, the organization provides a wealth of information and resources on indoor air quality to help individuals and organizations understand the importance of good indoor air and how to maintain it. By educating the public, CCIAQ is able to raise awareness about the risks of poor indoor air and the need for action to improve it.

Additionally, CCIAQ works closely with industry, government, and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies for improving indoor air quality. This includes developing guidelines and standards, promoting research and innovation, and advocating for policy change.

By improving indoor air quality, CCIAQ is helping to protect public health, promote comfort, and reduce environmental impact. Whether you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, workplace, or community, the work of CCIAQ is essential for a healthier and more sustainable future.