Custodial Activities, Maintenance, Repair and Renovation for Indoor Air Quality

Module 3 – Custodial Activities, Maintenance, Repair and Renovation for Indoor Air Quality

Many indoor air quality (IAQ) problems you can prevent through good maintenance and housekeeping. This includes maintaining good sanitation, providing adequate ventilation and using suitable cleaning agents. The third module of the CCIAQ’s Guide for Indoor Air Quality can help managers maintain buildings with IAQ in mind.

The importance of good IAQ is described, along with a list of typical contaminant sources. A checklist is provided that covers the elements of an effective IAQ plan. We’ve described effective cleaning procedures, covering dusting and dust mopping, entryways, floor and carpet care, restrooms and greenery.

Recommendations are given for selecting cleaning products for various tasks, such as general cleaning, de-greasing and deodorizing. We’ve given guidance on measuring, diluting and storing cleaning products. Also, we’ve described building management practices that can affect IAQ. These include janitorial equipment, smoking areas and the storage of hazardous materials. In addition, we have considered effective maintenance and cleaning methods for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. These include duct cleaning and the replacement of filters.

We’ve examined the impacts of repairs and renovations on IAQ. In addition, we have given guidelines for hazardous materials (such as radon and asbestos). We have discussed ways to handle problems caused by moisture, such as mould. We have given suggestions for selecting adhesives, sealants, paints, carpeting and other materials. Additionally, we have provided a checklist that you can use to track strategies for reducing emissions.

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